Hey there you fabulous souls!

First off, thank you for coming here and exploring my site. I put a lot of myself into this and I’m glad you’ve taken the time!

So a little about me: My name is Stephanie, I’m 32 and I live in the least “Canadian” part of Canada, a magnificent island on the West Coast. My city is heavy with tourists, the film industry and natural wonders. Make sure you check in with my Instagram and Twitter for my exploits around town! As I write this we are in the peak of spring and therefor for us Islanders heading into summer. We don’t actually get winter here so we run a little faster through the seasons than everywhere else.

I share my home with my fantastically strange strange daughter. She’s in elementary school and the light of my life, my strength, and keeps me grounded. We’ve had a bit of bumpy go of it, but it’s done nothing but make the two of us stronger, better and closer.

As to what you can find here? I’m still working on that. And rolling my eyes as I type that! I have ideas for what I’ll be posting: book reviews, life updates, my progress as a novice gamer, dark kawaii things I find, random bits of prose that I write. This is a blog of me. Maybe one day down the road this will become more of a “niche” blog, as I keep being told it needs to be to have any type of success. Or maybe it will just stay true to me, a slightly strange, little bit geeky corner of the internet.

Also! I love interactions and do my best to keep up with all of them. You can find me on the following platforms:

Twitter: @galaxydescends
Instagram: @descendinggalaxies
Tumblr: @descendinggalaxies

Or you can email me with questions, suggestions, or anything else you care to at descendinggalaxies@gmail.com


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