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10 Goals to Complete in 2016


It’s December 11th and there are only twenty days left in 2016, but I’m not letting that stop me from setting some eleventh-hour goals for this year and drive my productivity home. This year has been a crazy ride. I returned to Bridges feeling my life had no direction and in an extremely fragile state. I worked my ass off in counselling and on my application for a grant that would change my life. I was given the gift of friendship from new sources and those women are my everything, I could never have come this far without them living in my phone every day. I’ve fought through court with my ex and won due to his lack of response to anything. And now am fighting even harder because he’s decided to argue it finally. I was awarded a Single Parent grant to return to school and complete my Legal Assistant certification over 12 months starting in September. Difficulties, ins and outs, loops, and twists, 2016 has been a never ending, fast paced ride.

But now, the end is near! And I have a few last things I want to hammer out. I’ve discovered the best way for myself to achieve my goals is to make myself accountable to someone. Or in this case many someone’s! Some of these I’ve already started on, some I’ve touched on in the last two days of posts, and the rest are all new! Some are household things, some are self care things and others are just things I wish to start doing in my life.

  1. Set up my work space and load it with everything needed for drawing, painting, writing/journaling and blogging on the computer

  2. Post a blog post every day for 30 days (this goes outside of December a bit!)

  3. Clean the last six months of recycling off my balcony

  4. Research book box subscription clubs and also what it takes to start a service such as that

  5. Back up my photos off my iPhone and wipe my iPhone

  6. Write or draw daily, blogging doesn’t count

  7. Finish my reading challenge from Goodreads

  8. Make appointments to get my eyelash extensions, nails and hair done

  9. Get caught up on bills

  10. Get back on board with IGGPC and become an active member again

What are some of your final goals of 2016? How are ways that you help yourself achieve your goals? Has 2016 been a chaotic cesspool of a year for you, or has it been full of hope and amazing moments? Let me know it the comments below!!


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