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I’ve gone insane! 30 DAYS OF BLOGGING

The end of the semester has arrived and I survived with a decent GPA to boot. I’m very proud of myself. Returning to school as an adult is never easy. Returning as a single mother with zero familial support is another challenge altogether. Add in court dates, illnesses, IT conferences and it’s been quite the journey the last 3 months.  I’ve decided to keep stretching my writing skills over the break. I’ve picked at this blogging thing for over two years and have had zero consistency. Therefore to push myself forward, I have decided to post 30 days of blogging over my break.

Call it Blogmas, a blogging challenge, whatever you wish. But I’ve decided, for some unforeseen reason to write and post every day for my winter break from school. My break is 32 days and I aim to have 30 posts between today (as I write it is December 9th) and January 8th. I won’t be writing and posting every day. Some days, as inspiration hits I will write as much as I can, then have things queued up to be able to have days off. Not every day will be stunning content, filled with graphics and how-tos.

As I sit here on my bed, in my disaster of a room (yeah that clutter situation hasn’t changed either) I am creating another challenge for myself. To get my home decluttered in 30 days as well. I’ve made the excuses of having no time (mostly true during school), wanting to sell things to have extra income, not wanting to be wasteful and fear of being judged. I’ve faced my excuses and will carry and work through the guilt I will feel over just plain ridding myself of the items in my house. My mental health is too important to live in a cluttered home anymore. I’ve spent some of my personal reading time exploring books on the topic of minimalism. I look forward to applying some of the characteristics of this lifestyle to my own over the next month.

This blog is now my place for accountability. I will update weekly on my decluttering, write about my mental health and energy management. I’ll also be writing about lighter topics: my opinion on the new Gilmore Girls, some favourite books, board games and of course, Christmas posts! I can’t wait to see the end results after a month and I look forward to your feedback.

Stay creepy



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