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I’m baa-aack

Well, kind of. I miss writing, so I’m giving it that old college try again. Ironic since I’m incredibly busy being enrolled in college again. That’s right folks, I did it. I got my ass back into school. I’m working my way towards my Legal Assistant certification for the next twelve months and it is fantastic. I’m pushing myself and working my brain. I’m also learning more about myself and my work habits, study habits etc.

On a not so positive note, my apartment is still a mess. The building is fighting an infestation of mice. And I am just too busy with school to even care. October was a hell month as per usual. Mini-me’s birthday, Thanksgiving, the ex’s family coming to visit for the birthday/holiday, midterms, getting sick, the OCIO conference. Oh and kiddo’s dad tried to convince everyone he’s dying. I thought I might pop my eyes out of my head from rolling them so hard. I made it through October that is the most important thing. I didn’t do so hot on my midterms, but I have the rest of the semester to make up for that.

So look for more posts, including a resurrection of Macabre Mondays – head over to twitter or comment below to give me horror movie suggestions. Much love to those who stuck with me giving me support over the year.

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