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May Favourites!

Hello Spooks! I hope everyone is well and I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for taking the time to read, comment, like or even share my blog. I appreciate it all. It’s lovely to know that I’m not just writing and sending these posts out to nowhere with no one seeing them. Round of applause for all of you!

I thought I’d share some favourite things of mine from last month. I had intended to get this out earlier this week, but between school, legal proceedings and multiple trips to the mainland this week has just become a monster! But here we are and I hope you can find something that sparks your interest here! While my personal style is very consistent combination of grunge or classic black pieces, I adore kawaii things and my life is finding a balance of the creepy and the cute. I am definitely a dark kawaii fan. This post I find however seems very pink for me! But I really do love all these products.

Places: Science World

The biggest thing I probably did this month was take a trip with my daughter over to the mainland and Vancouver and go to Science World. I adore Science World and haven’t been in almost two decades. We spent the day watching demonstrations, tracking a thief as wannabe spies, and my favorite part: investigating specimens of different animals, plants and fossils.

There are now many “Telus World of Science” locations across the country but with the iconic globe Omnimax (you think you’ve seen a huge screen at an Imax, think again!) set against the seawall and Olympic Village, Vancouver’s Science World will always be the number one.

Eats: Raspberry Chocolate Decadence & BottleGreen Presse

This raspberry dark chocolate sauce is the absolute definite of decadence and completely worth of its name. I add a spoonful to smoothies or plain greek yogurt. I drizzle it over pancakes with some lemon juice. I dip a spoon in the jar and just eat it on its own. If I can find a place to put this on, in or near I do. Locally crafted in Victoria as a collaboration between a preserves vendor and her Chocolatier husband it is the perfect balance of tart berries and supple chocolate.




The Bottle Green pomegranate and Elderflower sparkling presse is my perfect non-alcoholic summer drink. Light, fizzy, and floral. I enjoyed it in a wine glass while having a bubble bath, eating something smothered in the aforementioned chocolate sauce, and out on my balcony in the sunlight while reading a book. An item I definitely wish to keep stocked in my fridge through summertime.


Beauty: Lush Things


More pink things!! Everyone is going bonkers for Lush again. And I treated myself to two of my favorite products this month. The Rosejam Bubbleroon and the Rosy Cheeks face mask. I adore the smell of rose and this bubbleroon smells heavenly. I only use half at a time and get plenty of bubbles and scent. Sandwiched between the bubble bars is a bath melt layer that leaves the skin so very moisturized and touchable. I suffer from very dry skin so it’s a fantastic way for me to push the moisture into my legs which are the worst.

My only issue with this product is the name. Oh the name. As a self-proclaimed macaron aficionado it annoys me to know end they’ve made a play on the word “macroon” which a macaron is not. A macaron is what this bubble bar is styled after. A delicious french pastry of egg whites and almond that has a layer of some delightful jam or cream in the middle. Macaroons are coconut balls. This is my own personal issue, I’m aware, and does not stop me in any way shape or form from enjoying this lovely product.

As for the Rosy Cheeks face mask, I love it because I live with Acne Rosacea. This is gentle enough on my skin to not irritate and cause a flare up. It balances out my skin and leaves it soft and moisturized and ready for makeup.


Reading: Zodiac Starforce

I cannot get enough of Zodiac Starforce currently. A story surrounding a group of magial girls that are badass, diverse and still in high school. I love I can share this with my daughter. It is so bright and colorful and just beautifully drawn. I hope for more in the future and that I can finally see my star sign come to fruition in the story!

Okay Spooks! That’s it for this month! I probably could have rambled on much longer but I figured it better to cut this short! Let me know if you’ve tried and liked or disliked or absolutely despised any of these products in the comments! Or if you have an item you think I would like based on my May Favorites let me know in the comments as well!




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