Inside the Theme: Woodland Fantasy

Hey spooks! I’ve been a member of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club for a while now, but other than twitter watch alongs, and chats I’ve been a pretty passive member. So I decided to up the ante this month and complete May’s Inside the Theme blog prompts! On the very last day of May of course.

What is your favourite fantasy story and what’s so great about it?

It’s definitely a tie between the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice  and The Thirst (formerly The Last Vampire series) by Christopher Pike. Anything vampire related just thrills me. The Vampire Chronicles is a classic. I read The Last Vampire series as a teenager and it is probably what turned me on to vampires in a whole. 

For a more traditional ‘fantasy’ series I do love Marion Zimmermon Bradley’s Mysts of Avalon series, with my favorite book being the Preistess of Avalon. I haven’t read them in a very long time due to the revelations on the authors involvement in abuse. I still love and own the books, but it will be a while before I read them again. They connected me into the pagan history I feel touches me in a close way.

What was your first experience with Fantasy?

I would say The Hobbit by J.R. Tolkien. I remember being in California at my cousins and it was the only book she owned that interested me outside of Lenord Nemoy’s book I Am Not Spock

Modern technology allows fantasy stories to be told in a variety of different mediums now; do you prefer diving into a good old fashioned book, reading a colorful comic, yelling at your videogames while bathing in the blood of your virtual enemies, or snacking on all the popcorns in front of your TV or at the movies? (Listening to troubadours performing the ballad of Beowulf is also a totally valid choice.)

I think that unless a horror based fantasy, or occult based fantasy I generally prefer to digest it from a visual point of view. With the CGI capabilities these days it allows for endless options.

Pets are a very popular choice in fantasy. Because pets are awesome. Which magical pet would you most like to adopt?

Well I would like a dragon, a cute harmless one. But in all honestly I want Salem from Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. But he would get me in so much trouble! I’m already mischievous enough on my own, with him by my side – well lets say he may have a kitty sidekick if we get caught by the Witch’s Council.

Your RPG play style: alignment, faction, race, and class. Do you play tabletop style or in a digital medium?

I have never really played an RPG, although I would like to. I think I would be some sort of Rogue elf or fairy. Maybe a healer of some kind. Or a warrior. But I’m just learning what all this means!

Make sure to check out the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club!!  This was great, I answered these questions while facetiming with a girlfriend and it was a great discussion starter for the both of us. Her favorite fantasy is Six of Crows as a side note!

What are your favorite fantasy experiences? Feel free to answer the questions in the comments! Or complete the prompts on your own blog!


2 thoughts on “Inside the Theme: Woodland Fantasy

  1. Salem would be an awesome pet! His sarcasm and wit were one of my favorite parts of that show. I love Anne Rice’s work but she’s really the only person that writes vampires in a way that I really like, besides Joss Whedon at least.

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