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Macabre Mondays: Silent Hill

Happy Monday little spooks, and welcome back for the second installment. I’m a little slow today so bear with me. I went on a “daycation” yesterday over to the mainland and spent hours in Science World. As a result today I am moving like molasses. I will be writing about my trip and I have some fun things to share from the experience. On to the horror!

Silent Hill2006 (Shomi)

silenthillposterImage via IMDB

“Desperate to find a cure for her daughter’s bizarre episodes, a young mother heads for Silent hill, the town named in her daughter’s trances. But a car crash leaves them stranded in a deserted town and the nightmare takes hold”

I just want to address this right off the bat: Sean Bean is in this movie and he doesn’t die! By absolute coincidence I have seen multiple Sean Bean movies in the last week and he just dies everywhere. Poor guy. This movie definitely holds a cast that made me go “Oh I know them, they’re from blank!” 

My first thoughts while watching this movie were “This is designed after a video game, right?” All of the settings just scream video game extremely loudly. And while I have never played any of Konami’s games, watching the movie felt like I should have a controller in my hand and be ready to shoot things. I had major flashbacks to playing the Der Riese map in the original CoD: Black Ops game.

Fly_Trap_Teddy_Bear_balcony_BO3Der Rise, Call of Duty: Black Ops

I know this movie is from ten years ago and the quality of CGI was not as phantasmagorical as it is currently however, to me, it created a barrier from allowing myself to really believe any of the horror characters and feel any fear of the movie.

The film is heavy with religious content, which has been adapted by a community to deal with horrors of their past and the current state of Silent Hill where someone is altering dimensions and seeking revenge. I wish there had been a bit more fleshing out of the plot, but I can tell by the way this has ended a sequel is intended (and has occurred with Silent Hill: Revelations 

I desire answers in my fictional worlds. That’s just the kind of person that I am. While they did allude to what was one of the possible factors in the past that created the hell in the town of Silent Hill, they did not satisfy my appetite for thorough plot fulfillment. 

Until the very last scene in the movie I found Sean Bean’s character arc to be completely unnecessary. I couldn’t understand why they had included it at all, but I’m hoping that all my unanswered questions will be answered in Revelations. I do plan to watch it even with it’s wretched reviews because dammit, I need answers!

Image via CineMaterial

One thing Silent Hill has given us is amazing villain design. The Dark Nurses are just horror perfection. Pyramid Head is an imposing oddity. And the shabby, time-worn look to the residents of Silent Hill is sublime in it’s monotone wearisomeness. However, most of this cannot be attributed to the film but Konami’s video game series.

Overall I give Silent Hill 3.5 Dark Nurses out of 5. It held my interest, enough to pursue the sequel in spite of what appear to me in 2016 as poorly made CGI graphics. There was definitely a slow burn quality to this movie as well with everything coming to a head in the last half hour. I do prefer much more of a roller coaster ride to my horror. It has also piqued my interest in looking into the game series and giving it a shot. All good things, but was I truly terrified? No. Silent Hill is a freaky film that satisfies a craving for creeps but I am still in search of more.

Have you guys seen Silent Hill? What about the sequel? Do any of you play the game series? If so what do you think? Stay tuned next week for another Macabre Monday. 


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