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5 Fandom Friday

Hey there you spooky souls! Happy Friday! I thought I would hop on the #5FandomFriday train here at Descending Galaxies, and I’m kicking things off with the very first topic all the way back from October 3, 2014. The subject is “Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today!” You can find the complete list of the 5 Fandom Friday topics over at The Nerdy Girlie’s blog, I’ve linked right to her page listing them all. So let’s get started and meet my 5.


1. R.L. Stine & Christopher Pike

Image via dazeddigital.com 

This is truly where it all started, my love of horror, the wicked and strange. I remember clamoring over these books in bookstores with my step cousins and their friends on trips into the city. It started with Goosebumps, and then as you got older you moved on to Fear Street, which held some of my favorites. Absolute standouts were the books telling the story of the Fear Family. And who doesn’t remember the gruesome yet enthralling covers to Cheerleaders story line? Just researching the images for this post makes me want to collect all the books again!

c199903693df5a2f14e6f9db019b2faaImage via Limitless Ramblings

And then there was Christopher Pike, a little more grown up, in my opinion. The classic Bury Me Deep is still on my bookshelf. And my favorite series was the Last Vampire books. I now own them in their re-branded volumes titled “The Thirst”

Image via Teen-sy Little Book Blog

Which leads us right into:

2. Vampires

love vampires. I love everything about them. Interview With a Vampire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the previously mentioned Christopher Pike books. But honestly mostly Buffy. I lived and breathed BtVS and Angel as a teenager. I was grounded of my computer where I made endless fan art and would have no access to the VCR to record episodes when my school work faltered because of my obsession with the show. I now have the comics that just keep coming!

buffyImage via IMDB.com

I have books, and movies, I’m also deeply excited for Juliet Landau’s massive project documenting vampires in pop culture – A Place Among the Undead. Which has grown from a one shot documentary to a full blown series that promises to be a definitive guide to vampires. Another favorite vampire of mine is Marceline (Adventure Time), only in my life in the past few years but I just adore her and was her for Halloween last year.

3. Batman

Ohhhh Batman. My true love, my husband, my everything. And it all started here:

1batmanImage via 66batmania.com

*sings* Adam Weeessst Adam Wesst ADAM WEST! My love of Batman was not truly a major thing however until the movies with Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and yes even George Clooney and the nipple suit. I always wanted to get into comics, but I was afraid of comic book stores (that’s a tale for another time). Then there was Batman: the Animated Series, so fantastic and birthed my absolute favorite lady Dr Harleen Quinzel, more commonly known as Harley Quinn. Now at the age of 32, I collect the comics I can (as a single mother who is a student, collecting comics is very difficult! The cost can be astronomical) watch the movies, and the animated series’ with my daughter. It’s my passion and I will never quit Batman or Gotham.


4. The Addams Family

“They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, the Addams family” *snap-snap*

Addams_Family_main_cast_1964Image via Wikipedia

I was first introduced to the Addams family through the 1991 film starring the fantastic Angelica Houston. My Nana was quick to see my love of the movie and pointed out the show from the 1960s. The family is my ideal of the perfect family. They love each other quirks aside, they encourage their children to try things and support each other to no end. Morticia and Gomez’s love is inspiring. And Morticia’s aesthetic is stunning and what my dark dreams are made of.

…and finally

5. Sailor Moon

Image via Tofugu

This seals my fate as a 90s kid. I spent lunch hours and pushed the time limits of staying after school and missing the bus to watch this show with my friends in the boarding halls of my alma mater QMS. I spent hours drawing out scrappy versions of the inner senshi in ballpoint pen. I chopped up my shirts and tried to make my own Sailor Mars costume and got in quite a bit of trouble. And the fact that it’s still just a huge thing in our culture and has been rebooted 20 years after it’s inception is fantastic. I share my love of Sailor Moon with my daughter, we’re obsessed. And it’s an amazing show about friendship and loyalty and of course magical girls!

So what are your ‘Gateway 5’? Are any of mine ones we share? Did you watch or read any of the 5 I have listed? Leave a comment below and let me know!



2 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday

  1. I really don’t understand why people have so much HATE for George Clooney’s Batman – I much prefer it to the really dark, angsty broodingness of how he is now. Clooney was fun and OTT and silly and reminded me of the 60s TV show.

    My five would probably be… ooh good question here: this might be a future blog post idea. Doctor Who, Star Trek: TNG, Bon Jovi, The X-Files and Buffy.
    With a bonus mention for Lucifer, since it made me come online to want to find other fans to talk to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t dislike the darker Batman movies, especially as a comic reader. But they’re different things completely. Different worlds of Gotham if you will. And I just love them all. I really want to watch Lucifer this summer! I’m sad I couldn’t keep up when it started but LIFE!


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