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The title says it all. Wah. That is how I feel. I’m whiney, and just want to dramatically fall into floofy couches and beds and lay in the dark.

The time to serve my ex is coming up in the next couple of days. This is causing me to avoid everything I can. My house is a mess, I cancelled all my appointments Thursday and Friday last week. It’s that whole “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” reaction thing. I’m freezing big time. So I’m trying to focus on one task at time today. Like right now – what do I have to do? Write a post. That’s all I’m worrying about right now.

And my mind is blanking. I’m at the library, I was doing really well with my reading, kinda slowed down a bit, but I’m about to have a half a dozen (So three) books ready for me on one of the e-library apps I use. Plus I’m still trying to get through Allegiant so I can watch the first installation of the movie.

Can we take a moment and address the fact that NOT EVERY FINAL INSTALLMENT IN A TRILOGY NEEDS TO BE A TWO PARTER!! If they could make each Lord of the Rings book into ONE movie they can make the final part of the Hunger Games, or the Divergent series etc into one movie. Yes Harry Potter’s final installment was a two parter, but it was done well. I feel like the final installments in other movies broken into two parts are boring and don’t do the story justice because it’s all filler to stretch it out.

/end rant

I’m also feeling fairly drowsy because I bought allergy pills, but I didn’t purchase non-drowsy ones.

So on that note I’m signing off, I need to head home to get ready for Yoga and get the trash out! Super exciting Monday for me!


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