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Well I have just been the busiest of bees. Between court, Bridges, my child and trying to get my apartment in proper living order I’ve completely neglected this blog. Many good things are happening, my stress levels have been low – which could be part of why I haven’t been writing. However I do wish to make this a proper *something* eventually, so I need to make writing a habit.

I’ve recently discovered the Bullet Journal ( and I’m quite smitten. This hopefully will allow me to schedule blog posts and have a ready list of topics to blog about if my verbal diarrhea is cured miraculously.

I’m just writing a quick entry as I must head home to make a few phone calls regarding a class I need to register for this fall (Medical Terminology) and then I have my first yoga class at noon. Gentle yoga. Don’t hurt me yoga. My body is a stiff mass of unbend-able pain yoga. I have a lot of nerves over going to classes, I don’t want to feel silly or judged, which is just nonsense I know, but I’m a young woman who can’t move and I don’t even have a reason why. My body just decided to seize up on me. But I start today, every Monday for ten weeks and hopefully it will help me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck!






3 thoughts on “Reboot

      1. I’m just using a cheap graph paper journal for mine at the moment, and if I keep at it or a couple of months I’ll treat myself to that wonderful Leuchtturm1917 in azure 🙂


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