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Day 13

I am too excited to not write about this. Although this has been a big want on my list for some time, I haven’t actively searched or put it out to the powers that be that I wanted one. Yesterday I made a post on an app that I’m slightly addicted to, VarageSale (I recommend you check it out if you’re into buy, sell, trade swapping) that I was in search of a free sewing machine to be able to make and alter clothes to save money. My daughter even designed her first dress yesterday she wants me to make for her.

This morning I was messaged by a lovely woman who has a really great quality machine that has the stitch length regulator jammed on small. It’s free for me to pick up this morning. It’ll work just fine until I can afford to have it serviced and fixed and she said after that it should last me a very very long time if I treat it well.

I’m so stoked. I hate that word but I literally can’t think of anything else to say right now! I’m very thankful and grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to get started on that dress for my daughter.

Au Revoir



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